Culture Manitoba: A concept that needs your participation and guidance

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An invitation to explore forming a permanent arts and creative industries coalition

Proposed Purpose
– Culture Manitoba would be a member-based coalition seeking to provide Manitoba’s arts, heritage, cultural and creative industries with representation by working together to identify priorities, share information and advocate on behalf of the sector.

Proposed Vision – Taking a collaborative approach, Culture Manitoba would aim to create a unified voice for the arts, heritage, cultural and creative industries. It would monitor public policy, share information, elaborate on priority areas and key conversations, synthesize issues for members, and represent the expertise and interests of the sector to various stakeholders, including multiple levels of government, funders, business, the education sector and the public.

Call for Input

To start the process, we invite you to express your interest and join a discussion on priorities.

1. By July 20, 2011, please send your comments regarding what you and/or your organization hope such an initiative would do for you.

2. Please attend a town hall meeting on Wednesday July 27th - 3 to 5 PM at aceartinc (290 McDermot Ave).

The goals of this meeting are to present the community’s input as collected and create an action plan and working committees.

Please RSVP and submit your comments and your priorities for action to by July 20.

Thank you,

Sara Stasiuk – Manitoba Music
hannah_g – aceartinc. & VERRUE
Alan Freeman – Cultural Economist
Randy Joynt – Artspace
Katarina Kupca – Fundraising Consultant
Nicole Matiation – On Screen Manitoba
Trudy Schroeder – Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra
Thom Sparling – ACI Manitoba

For more information, please contact Lisa at ACI Manitoba (

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