Heather Longstaffe Signs with EMI Music Publishing Canada

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Heather Longstaffe has inked a deal with EMI Music Publishing Canada. The country singer/songwriter was introduced to EMI Music Publishing Canada's Senior Vice-President, Barbara Sedun, by fellow Manitoban, singer/producer Phil Deschambault. Deschambault signed with a publishing deal with EMI in 2009.

Longstaffe will continue co-writing for projects and developing her own artist career, says Sedun, including her upcoming debut album. 

"I've been watching Heather for several years now, both before I lived in Winnipeg and after," says Sedun. "I gave her some challenges that  she accepted conquered every one of them. I think she's an exceptionally talented songwriter as well as a performing artist and I look forward to great things coming out of our relationship."

In March, Longstaffe picked up the top prize in the Canadian Radio Star National Songwriting Competition for her song "Waste of Gas". Longstaffe's song with Arun Chaturvedi and Bean called "Hot & Young", which was penned at the Manitoba Music and S.A.C. SongWorks project, recently landed in the Keeping Up with the Kardashians wedding show.  Watch Longstaffe's latest video,"Skin & Bones".

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