Music Business News and Industry Developments Roundup

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Google Music Launched - The Huffington Post compares the new Google cloud-based music service to the similar Amazon and Apple services already on the market.

Distributor Pulls 234 Labels from Spotify, Napster, Rdio After iTunes Payments Drop 24% - Hypebot reports that Electronic music distributor STHoldings has pulled all its distributed labels from streaming music services.

Say Goodbye to the CD - Daily Finance digs deeper into the death of the CD.

Vimeo Video Music Store - The New Rockstar Philosophy author Matt Voyno, via Hypebot, shows you how to add your tracks to the Vimeo Video Music Store.

Musicians On Tumblr - reports on the 'Ten Dos and Dont's From Experts'. If you're an independent musician looking to grow an online fanbase, it's a good idea to start Tumbling.

$200 Million in Royalties Paid to Indie Musicians - CD Baby, the largest distributor of music by indie artists in the world, has now paid over $200 million directly to musicians.

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