Welcome New Members to Manitoba Music

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We have a fantastic crop of new members to introduce this month. Please welcome our new members from the month of March!

Giving In | manitobamusic.com/givingin
The Minority | manitobamusic.com/theminority
Still Lights | manitobamusic.com/stilllights
Over the Transom | manitobamusic.com/overthetransom
Steve Wiebe | manitobamusic.com/stevewiebe
Noir | manitobamusic.com/noir
Left of Centre | manitobamusic.com/leftofcentre
Michael J.T. Melnyk | manitobamusic.com/mikejtmelnyk
Tim “Co-op” Hoover | manitobamusic.com/timcoophoover
Liza May Johnson | manitobamusic.com/lizamayjohnson
Cottonmouth | manitobamusic.com/cottonmouth
Sesay Wondimageno | manitobamusic.com/sesaywondimageno
Jupiter Storm | manitobamusic.com/jupiterstorm
S. One | manitobamusic.com/sone
10 Stone | manitobamusic.com/10stone
Hey Pilgrim | manitobamusic.com/heypilgrim
TroubleshoT | manitobamusic.com/troubleshot
Ronnie Ladobruk | manitobamusic.com/ronnieladobruk


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