DIY Roundup: Tips for Musicians From Around the Web

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12 Guidelines For Long Term Indie Music Success  Vinnie Ribas, the Founder and CEO of Indie Connect, recently shared "12 Srategies For Long Term Success As An Indie Artist." They're actually worth considering for anyone who's a freelancer or whose business brand is themselves rather than an external entity, but they do have a special focus on the needs of indie musicians.

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3 Must-Read Articles on Writing a Band Bio or Press Release Critics, bookers, and bloggers don’t have the time to listen to every CD or MP3 they receive. Sometimes your music only gets to speak for itself AFTER you’ve spoken on its behalf. How do you do that effectively? - Chris Robley, The DIY Musician

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Track names in iTunes Music Think Tank's Barry Gardner says that once he delivers a master disk to a client, he often receives a call or email asking a common question. With some regularity, he is asked how to get the track titles and artist details to be listed in the iTunes application. Contrary to popular belief, iTunes does not retrieve track names from the CD itself.

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