DIY Roundup: Tips for Musicians From Around the Web

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Twitter Releases Official Guide For Musicians Twitter For Musicians And Artists offers solid, real world examples of their top tips. To some degree, they can be summed up in the advice to speak directly with your fans in your own voice. - Clyde Smith

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How to Capitalize on a Sync Placement: An Interview with Glass Pear CD Baby artist Glass Pear has had a recent string of TV placements for his self-released music. Greys Anatomy, Bones, Vampire Diaries, 90210, One Tree Hill, and the new show Missing. On top of earning him licensing money and performance royalties, these placements have helped Glass Pear sell 30K iTunes downloads to new fans. - Chris Robley, The DIY Musician

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6 Ways to Put on a Great Live Show Last month, idle from took in the Jane’s Addiction concert at Massey Hall in Toronto. idle wrote that it was a great event and a fantastic show which started with a frenzy and built its way towards an all out love fest. Regardless of what you think of Jane’s Addiction as a band, as individuals or of their music, it is undeniable that they put on a great and memorable live show. So let’s take a look at what your band can learn from one the best in the business.

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