DIY Roundup: Tips for Musicians From Around the Web

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4 Ways to Jump-Start Your Music Career These days, venues, ink, and listeners are limited. You’re always going to be competing against acts with bigger budgets and better publicists. So what can you do to get ahead in this music game? - Chris Robley

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“It’s really all about the song.” Advice from Dale Kotyk, VP Marketing Warner Music Dale Kotyk is the Vice President of Marketing at Warner Music and has worked in the business for over a quarter of a century in almost every facet of the business.  He graciously accepted an invitation to be interviewed for the Songwriters Association of Canada‘s blog. Here’s what he had to say… - Lily C

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13 Step Guide To Building A Cult Of Superfans While reading a recent set of tips for turning your fans into superfans, I was struck by how the list and related explanations made it sound like they were describing how to build a cult. If that sounds a bit too sinister, perhaps thinking of turning your fans into superfans by treating them like insiders will make these tips work for you. - Clyde Smith 

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