DIY Roundup: Tips for Musicians From Around the Web

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A Guide to Clearing Music Samples Over the past few months, Marcus Taylor from the Musician's Guide received a lot of questions on the topic of sample clearance. Taylor asked a legal advisor at music & media law firm Avenant Law, to share his expertise on sample clearance with you. 

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Before You Crowdfund, Kickstart, or Otherwise Ask Fans for Money, Please Read This... The music world just had a 'moment,' and it was brought to you by Amanda Palmer. Which almost guarantees a huge increase in artist pitches, music projects, and other music-themed Kickstarter ideas ahead. Which, in turn, almost guarantees an influx of (Crowdfunding) Kickstarter failures ahead. - Paul Resnikoff, Digital Music News

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6 Things to Consider Before Entering the Recording Studio - The DIY Musician

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