90 Seconds or Less: MusicWorks Video Tips

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Here is a feature that gives you an inside look at some of our workshops and panels in 90 seconds or less. Stay tuned in the coming weeks to find out more about music publishing, marketing, social media metrics, and much much more...

In this installment, Agency Group Canada Vice-President Rob Zifarelli took a few minutes to answer questions for our Build Your Base: Regional Touring workshop.

As every successful artist has proven, the building blocks of success are connecting your band and your music with your fans. For most artists, this starts with playing your home town and then branching out to regional touring. In this workshop, Agency Group Canada Vice-President Rob Zifarelli discussed how he builds an artist's tour plan, starting regionally and branching out. Discussions included proper routing techniques, picking promoters, and negotiating fees. He provided advice on how he keeps connected with buyers and promoters, decides what fees to ask for in what markets, and builds regional tours that make sense. This workshop provided invaluable insight for anyone booking their own tours, for artist managers developing a touring plan for their act, and for aspiring booking agents.

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