DIY Roundup: Tips for Musicians From Around the Web

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4 Reasons Why You Should Use A Professional Producer and Proper Recording Studio In every musician’s career, there comes a time when they’ll want to get their songs recorded. The question is: do you attempt to do it on your own, or do you go to a professional producer and proper recording studio? - Jared Gunston, RedRoom Recording Studio

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The Rise of the Opening Act It is one of music's most enduring rites of passage: warming up an indifferent (and potentially hostile) audience for the headline act. The pay is generally modest and the promotional benefits are unpredictable. But in recent years "support acts," as they're called in the industry, are enjoying new status. - John Jurgensen, The Wall Street Journal

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Songwriting: Writing Hit Songs How do they do it? Why does a Beatles or a Michael Jackson song capture a listener’s attention the way they do? What is their secret, what’s the formula? If all of us songwriters had the answers to these questions, we would all be a lot richer. - Professor Jimmy Kachulis, Berklee Music

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