DIY Roundup: Tips for Musicians From Around the Web

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7 Ways to Build Music Business Contacts We all know that “who you know” and “being in the right place at the right time” play an important role in attaining success as an artist. What we often forget, though, is that we’re the ones responsible for building those connections. - Marcus Taylor, founder of The Musician’s Guide

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The Most Infamous Music Infographic, Updated for 2012... On the indie and DIY artist level, streaming payouts are steadily improving, at least on a percentage level, according to information shared by indie labels. Unfortunately, that improvement is not being felt by most major label artists: according to a recent analysis by industry attorney Steve Gordon.

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What Bands Should Do To Prepare For Their First Studio Album If you’re preparing to record your first studio album, you’re probably dealing with a mix of emotions that range from excitement to pure fear. You’re wondering how the final product will turn out and whether people will actually like it. To ensure the recording process goes smoothly, though, you need to put these feelings on the back burner and prepare yourself in the following ways. - Danielle Rodabaugh

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