DIY Roundup: Tips for Musicians From Around the Web

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How to Get Your Emails Opened and Read Putting a question in the subject line of your email can be a great way to create a “hypnotic” message that compels people to open and read it. - Bob Baker

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7 Ways to Magnetize Your Band’s Merch Display How can you make the crowd swarm your merch booth after the show like a Depression-era breadline? - Chris Robley

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13 Dos and Don'ts of Open Mic After going to open mics for years, I decided to compile a list of "rules" that I sadly see broken all the time. Maybe this can help some of you! - Robin Yukiko

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DIY Roundup How to Get Your Emails Opened and Read Magnetize Your Band's Merch Display Dos and Don'ts of Open Mic

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