Screenings: New Music Videos from Manitoba Artists

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There's so much great live music to see in the coming days, includ the last weekend of Festival du Voyageur. And while you're decided what to do and maybe which toque to wear, we can some new music videos together! We've got brand three new ones from Pumas, Oh My Darling, and Jenny Berkel.

Right now, Oh My Darling is one of 19 Manitoba acts showcasing at the Folk Alliance conference in Toronto but through the magic of the interweb, you can watch the band's new video for "Love Me Love Me Not". 

Jenny Berkel is another Folk Alliance showcaser and also currently finishing a month-long artist residency at Toronto's Cameron House, but here she is performing her new song "Like a Rope

The bandformerly known as Enjoy Your Pumas is now just Pumas (it's pretty much a given that you're going to enjoy it) and Pumas had a brand new energetic video for "Le Buzz".

Jason Petric country rocks out with his new video for "Sunny Days".

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