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Manitoba bands just killing it at SXSW. - Stylus

Being on the cover builds character for KEN mode. - Exclaim!

From church to a grungy bar, KEN mode will play it. - Pitchfork

KEN mode is the hardest rocking metal band of certified accountants. - The Uniter

A world of possibilities for KEN mode. - Beatroute

KEN mode's Entrench earns 9/10. - Metal Injection

KEN mode and the Brooklynization of North American metal. - NYU Local

Chic Gamine is heating up Austin. - SXSW + FREE download

Chic Gamine has answers. - Canadian Blast

Listen/download Chic Gamine. - Ride The Tempo

Royal Canoe one of 25 bands to watch at SXSW. - The Blue Indian

Royal Canoe signs with Roll Call Records. - Examiner

Mixing music and bikes with Ruth Moody. - Road Cycling UK

Lost Weekend's "Cool Kids". - AOL 

Alexa Dirks (Chic Gamine / The New Lightweights) on tape. - Poster

Learning to love with Brooke Palsson - BT Winnipeg

Brooke Palsson puts down her ukulele, co-stars in drama. - Winnipeg Free Press

Distances sets up fundraising campaign for next album. - The Uniter

Check out these upcoming gigs with Eagle Lake Owls, Matt Epp, and others. - Painting Over Silence

The Bros. Landreth prep for new album this year. - Beatroute

Sol James isn't looking back. - CBC Scene

New music to your ears from Greg Arcade, Sons of York, and many others. - The Manitoban

Ingrid Gatin gets a little more space on her latest album. - Beatroute

Jenny Berkel's "mellow haunt" at Folk Alliance. - NOW Toronto

Elton Adams is one step closer to the spotlight. - CBC Scene

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for these local artists. - The Manitoban

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