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Kith and Kin: an interview with The Bros. Landreth. - The Manitoban

Red Moon Road log recording hours in wood cabin. - Metro

Red Moon Road makes music in the great outdoors. - CBC Scene

Red Moon Road performs on thw BT stage. - BT Winnipeg

Jenna Khan sits down with Red Moon Road's Sheena Rattai. - BT Winnipeg

The Vibrating Beds one of the locals to look out for. - The Manitoban

KEN mode's cover artist talk "cloud ghoul". - Alarm

KEN mode just keeps getting better. - The Province

KEN mode "killing every note" of new material. - The Province

KEN mode talks about the making of Entrench. - Exclaim!

KEN mode's Entrench quarrelsome AND hopeful. - Popmatters

Now, here's a KEN mode review you can watch. - The Needle Drop

"Delirious approval" for KEN mode. - The Sludgelord

KEN mode to play Pitchfork Music Festival. - Brooklyn Vegan

True passion from KEN mode. - Bearded Gentlemen Music 

Jenny Berkel plays unreleased song "Sleep/Arlington". - ExclaimTV

Ruth Moody to release new solo album at WECC. -

Ruth Moody's heading to Oxford this summer. - Music In Oxford

Rock Lake and roll. - The Manitoban

"Exciting leaps forward" from Shotgun Jimmie. - NOW Toronto

Shotgun Jimmie offers "perfect anecdotal slices". - Exclaim!

Shotgun Jimmie's got it all figured out. - Natural Anthems

Coffee, Skype, and humour with Shotgun Jimmie. - Wavelength

Shotgun Jimmie to play Gateway Festival. - Exclaim!

We think this features Imaginary Cities. And maybe someone named Heidi. - Taschen Konzerte

Chic Gamine's "understated soul swagger". - Ellenwood

Mise En Scene "turned ambivalence into fandom" at CMW. - Raz Mataz Magazine

Here's to Claire Morrison. - The Rooster

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