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Watch Ingrid Gatin's "Slow Dancing" in Toronto. - Exclaim! TV + FREE download

Ingrid Gatin gets people drunk on music. - Beatroute

Music community comes together to honour Joseph Nepon. - Metro

Royal Canoe puts the "sex" in "sextet". - Filter

Listen to Royal Canoe's "Today We're Believers". - Noisey

Royal Canoe offers a peek at the track list for the upcoming album. - Exclaim!

Streaming with Royal Canoe. - AltSounds

Royal Canoe is something to hear. - Fresno Beehive

Royal Canoe earns song of the day. - Audioasis

Royal Canoe pushes the boundaries of pop. - Fulton55

Eagle Lake Owls among the best music from around the globe. - The Guardian

Which albums had the biggest impact on Eagle Lake Owls? - Painting Over Silence

Eagle Lake Owls is triumphant with new EP. - Imveryape

Find out Eagle Lake Owls' top three summer albums. - Stylus

Five reasons you should see Camerata Nova perform Vespers of 1610. - CBC Scene

Carly Dow embarks on new solo project. - This Is Poster

Imaginary Cities can be such a tease. - Exclaim!

Mise En Scene channels Mick Jagger. - The Projector

Listen to Chic Gamine discuss Closer. - NPR

Watch Jenny Berkel's "Like A Rope". - Music Montag

Romi Mayes takes on a different side of touring. - CBC Scene

Shotgun Jimmie is a one man show. - NOW Magazine

Shotgun Jimmie is connected with the music community. - The Record

Shotgun Jimmie is a show not to miss. - Exclaim!

Shotgun Jimmie earns an "excellent" for his latest album. - Gray Owl Point

Quagmire delivers blues with a punk rock attitude. - The Projector

For Naysa, it takes a village to name a band. - CBC Scene

KEN mode can thank Henry Rollins for its name. - Spectator Tribune

Watch KEN mode's new video for "Counter Culture Complex" . - Pitchfork

Snow castles, leather clad woman, and more in KEN mode's new video. - Exclaim!

KEN mode gets the seal of approval from a professional music geek. - Alan Cross

Discipline pays off for KEN Mode. - Stereogum

KEN mode gets aggressive. - Metro

Red Moon Road aspires to have custom sunglasses. - The Projector

Winnipeg Folk Festival and Vanessa Kuzina talk Young Performers Program. - BT Winnipeg

WSO has big plans for the Pantages Playhouse. - CBC Scene

Music is cheaper than therapy for Serena Postel. - CBC Scene

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