DIY Roundup: Tips for Musicians From Around the Web

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A roundup of recent blogger tips and techniques for musicians from around the web. Find out more about why musicians should care about metadata, career-endangering mistakes for songwriters, and the most underrated and ovverated things in a musician's career.

Why Modern Musicians Should Care About Metadata Metadata. It’s a jargon-y word that probably turns a lot of artists off at the mere mention of it. It’s also one of the main things standing between them and a variety of new opportunities to make money. And those new opportunities are becoming increasingly important for cash-strapped musicians.

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Five Career-Endangering Mistakes for Songwriters (And How To Avoid Them) One of the great mysteries in the music business is how to meet the decision makers who can help bring success to you and your songs. However, the second greatest mystery is why, - once in contact with one of these elusive industry people - so many songwriters throw common sense out the window and behave in ways that can only hurt their cause and, ultimately, their reputation in the eyes of the industry. - Cliff Goldmacher

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The Most Underrated Things in a Musician’s Career Things that you can probably never have too much of.

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