Meet the MusicWorks Panelists - DIY SERIES: Getting Spins on Campus and Community Radio

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Meet Myke Atkinson from CJSW in Calgary, and CKUW Winnipeg's David Tymoshchuk, who will be on hand next Wednesday, September 25 for the DIY Series event 'Getting Spins on Campus and Community Radio.

Myke Atkinson, Station Manager, CJSW Calgary
Atkinson is currently the Station Manager at CJSW 90.9 FM, Calgary's only community radio station and the biggest station of its kind anywhere in Canada. In addition to his current role as Station Manager he has hosted a number of various programs on the station including his current Friday morning drive slot, and was Music Director for three years.

Outside of his work for CJSW, Myke is involved with a number of various music related activities. He performs solo under the moniker Beneath These Idles Tides and was a former member of Azeda Booth and Kris Ellestad's band. He has worked for Calgary labels Flemish Eye, Lakesong Press and Down Records, written and edited for FFWD, Quiet Light and the Gauntlet, and juried for the Polaris Prize and Junos. As well, Myke has worked with a number of other music related organizations such as the artist development group Music Calgary and all ages concert space Local Library.

David Tymoshchuk, Music Director, CKUW Winnipeg
Tymoshchuk grew up in Riverton, Manitoba in the pre-internet era. There was no CKUW or CJUM on the FM dial at the time. His childhood home had no record collection, or stereo. David only had access to a CD kiosk at the local CO-OP grocery store and mysterious stamps on Columbia House mail orders. His first album he ever bought was Nirvana's Incesticide cassette at a video rental shop. Then he moved to Winnipeg and had his mind blown as he gained access to a local scene, cheap used records, two campus stations that just signed on the air, and a few years later the rise of the mp3 on the internet. Trained as a carpenter, somehow he ended up as CKUW's Music Director where piles of music bury him. He finds life ironic.

About the workshop
How do emerging artists get their music to campus and community radio and get a shot at being added to rotation? From submitting materials and one-sheets, to follow-ups and tracking spins, this workshop will cover it all. 

The MusicWorks DIY Series is a new stream of workshops that allows new and emerging artists and industry, as well as veterans looking to update their skills, the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of the music business. It all starts with important topics that everyone needs to master including bio writing, mastering social media, pitching to college radio, touring, and understanding copyright, and ends with planning a record release, showing how each of these puzzle pieces fit together to create a cohesive strategy.


Roland Deschambault, Training Coordinator
Manitoba Music
P: 204.975.5188

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