Welcome New Members to Manitoba Music

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The Catamounts

We are pleased to introduce new members that joined over the month of October. New songwriters, bands, and solo artists, plus a label and yoga studio on the industry side.

A.M. Songs | www.manitobamusic.com/amsongs
Brett Ticzon | www.manitobamusic.com/brettticzon
Cathexis | www.manitobamusic.com/cathexis
Patrick Boggs | www.manitobamusic.com/patrickboggs
Skylar Bouchard | www.manitobamusic.com/skylarbouchard
The Catamounts | www.manitobamusic.com/thecatamounts
Youngtilidie | www.manitobamusic.com/youngtilidie

BIGSHIG Music | www.manitobamusic.com/bigshigmusic
Moksha Yoga Kildonan | www.manitobamusic.com/mokshayogakildonan





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