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Rusty Matyas thinks about Christmas all year long. - CBC News + FREE download

Don Amero wishes you Amero little Christmas. - BT Winnipeg

Greg MacPherson strips down on his latest album. - Winnipeg Free Press

Danger makes Greg MacPherson proud. - Metro Winnipeg

KEN mode's Entrench one of 13 magnificent metal albums. - Buzzfeed

Don't you dare text at a KEN mode show. -

Why read an interview with KEN mode when you can watch one?! - Zegama Beach Records

Les Jupes is a key band of 2013. - CBC Radio 3

Shotgun Jimmie is a favorite of 2013. - dcist

Shotgun Jimmie has secrets. - The Coast

Royal Canoe has one of the best videos of 2013. - Indie88

Royal Canoe reviews R. Kelly. - Spectator Tribune

Grand Analog, Royal Canoe, and Les Jupes among the top of 2013. - CBC Radio 3

JP Hoe decks the halls and more. - BT Winnipeg

Missed Chic Gamine's showcase in France? Now you can watch it all! - Trans Musicales

Get a sneak preview of Del Barber's new album. - Noisetrade

Funding boost given to Winnipeg Folk Fest and other local arts groups. - CBC News

Funding announced for local festivals and venues. - CNW Telbec

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