Meet the MusicWorks Panelists - DIY Series: Viral Video

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Meet media producer and musician Chris Gaudry, who will be on hand this Wednesday, March 5 for our DIY Series: Viral Video workshop.

About Chris Gaudry
Chris is a media producer and a musician. His passion for creating compelling video is equal only to his desire to collaborate with other artists to create compelling art. As a video producer, he created the guerrilla music series Pocketgigs, and in 2013 he produced and directed "Loft Sessions"; a 12 video series of live music videos aimed to showcase some of Manitoba's burgeoning bands and musicians. To round out the year Chris produced a Christmas video for Rusty Matyas (Waking Eyes, Imaginary Cities) in order to experiment with stop-motion photography and new techniques he had yet to explore. "I simply want to challenge myself. If I feel like I'm comfortable creating video, it probably means that I'm not challenging myself, and the content of the video will suffer."  When he is not producing videos, Chris is active in the music community, currently as drummer for indie-rock band Federal Lights. In 2013, the band showcased in Germany at the legendary Reeperbahn festival and were accepted to showcase at SXSW in 2014. More recently, Chris directed the Random Acts of JUNO series featuring Kevin McDonald from The Kids in the Hall.

About the workshop 
With the popularity of YouTube, Vimeo, and other streaming video services for music discovery, creating video content has never been a more integral part of marketing. This workshop will discuss how to make a budget video look like a million bucks that helps to create buzz and gain fans.


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