Random Questions with... JUNO Nominee Desiree Dorion

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Desiree Dorion

Nominated for Aboriginal Album of the Year for Small Town Stories 

Dauphin-raised country songtress Desiree Dorion has been building a career in country music for most of her life. She released her first album, All You Gotta Do Is Try, at the age of 13 with her single “My Destiny,” getting airplay on country radio across Canada. Small Town Stories, Dorian’s third outing and the follow-up to the Arun Chaturvedi-produced Soul Back Jack, earned the country girl (and full-time lawyer) her first JUNO Award nod this year. The album also received nominations for an Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Award and Indian Summer Music Award, and lead track, “Turn to Me,” received an honourable mention at the 2012 International Songwriting Competition.

What was the first tape, vinyl, or CD you bought?
When I was five or six years old, all the cool kids were listening to Tiffany. I also wanted to figure skate. My mom gave me the choice to buy new figure skates or the Tiffany tape. I chose the Tiffany tape.

If you could sing a duet with anyone (living or dead), who would it be?
Without question, Dolly Parton.

What were your thoughts when you found out that you were nominated for a JUNO?
When I first found out I was nominated, my initial reaction was complete shock and surprise. Now that I've had time to process what this nomination means, I'm feeling more gratitude and privilege. I remind myself regularly that I am owed absolutely nothing from this business, so experiences like this are truly special.

Who is the first person you told?
The first person I tried to tell about my nomination was my husband, but he's a teacher and I didn't want to interrupt his classroom, so I called my mom and told her instead. Telling my mom was somewhat anticlimactic, because she responded in a total mom voice, "Oh, that's nice Des –what are the JUNOS?"

Catch Desiree Dorion live at Whiskey Dix on Saturday, March 29 for JUNOfest

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