Random Questions with... JUNO Nominee KEN mode's Jesse Matthewson

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KEN mode (Photo: Curran Faris)

Nominated for Metal/Hard Music Album of the Year for Entrench

Noise rock trio KEN mode, consisting of brothers Jesse and Shane Matthewson and bassist Andrew LaCour (also of Florida hardcore act Khann), received a barrage of critical attention in 2013, landing on year-end lists galore and a spot on the Polaris Music Prize long list. Plus, the group has been virtually owning the metal/hard category since it was first introduced at The 2012 JUNO Awards; the band won the first ever award in the category for its album, Venerable, beating out Anvil and Fuck the Facts, and now, Entrench, its fifth full-length and second JUNO entry in three years, is up for another one. Produced by Matt Bayles (the former Minus the Bear member known for his seminal work with Isis and Mastodon), Entrench is being hailed as KEN mode’s best album yet.

Can you briefly describe your first gig?
Basement of the Broadway Neighbourhood Centre in Winnipeg with Head Hits Concrete, The Black Spring, The Pookies and a few more. Weird mixed bill. I know I had my appendix out the next week, and was playing shows a few weeks later with an open wound. Wild times!

What was the first tape, vinyl, or CD you bought?
Probably something like MC Hammer. The first one that mattered was Nirvana's In Utero record, though.

Was there a concert that changed your life and how?
Seeing Kittens at Wellington’s back in ‘96. Made me want to be in a band, and, well, now look what's happened.

Favourite Old Dutch flavour?
Miss Vickie's Lime and Black Pepper. Sorry, Old Dutch. 

What were your thoughts when you found out that you were nominated for a second JUNO?
We were happy we were nominated, as we feel this is actually our best record to date, but we know we shouldn't be winning for the second time. Two out of three of the metal awards? I think this is Gorguts' year.

What will you be wearing to the JUNOS?
We'll be suiting up. Sexy noise-rock superheroes.

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