Welcome New Members to Manitoba Music

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Nathan Nasby

We are pleased to introduce our new members that joined over the past month! A diverse group of artists and a photographer joined our ranks in April. Meet them here:

An Animal | www.manitobamusic.com/ananimal
Andrew Littleford | www.manitobamusic.com/andrewlittleford
Astre | www.manitobamusic.com/astre
Brooke Wylie | www.manitobamusic.com/brookewylie
Dee Erin Band | www.manitobamusic.com/deeerinband
George Kurowski | www.manitobamusic.com/georgekurowski
Kelsey Giesbrecht | www.manitobamusic.com/kelseygiesbrecht
Kendra Kay | www.manitobamusic.com/kendrakay
Nathan Nasby | www.manitobamusic.com/nathannasby
Ozconscious | www.manitobamusic.com/ozconscious
Se7en Days | www.manitobamusic.com/se7endays
World Village Gospel Choir | www.manitobamusic.com/worldvillagegospelchoir

Kelsey Giesbrecht | www.manitobamusic.com/kelseygiesbrecht


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