Meet the MusicWorks Panelists - Darcy Gregoire, The Agency Group

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Darcy Gregoire, The Agency Group

Meet Darcy Gregoire from The Agency Group, who will be joining us this Thursday, October 23 for DIY Series' Touring workshop.

About Darcy Gregoire
Darcy began his career at 13 when he booked his first show, having his band perform at his high school dance in St. Pierre, Manitoba. Throughout his teens to early twenties, Darcy was the bandleader who negotiated deals with club owners, booked production, created marketing materials, etc.

Shortly after finishing a Music Business Administration course at Trebas Institute in '94, Darcy landed the most-seemingly fit of an opportunity, starting as an agent at Artists Agency in their Winnipeg office. In 2000, Darcy left the company to cofound a new agency, LiveTourArtists, which in a few short years earned the respect of the industry as one of the top four agencies in the country at the time.

In 2007, Darcy found his new home at The Agency Group, where his roster of thirty-some clients joined him in the move. Of Darcy’s current sixty-plus artist roster, a few clients include; Alex Cuba, Blackie and The Rodeo Kings, Bob Geldof, Jarvis Church, Eric Burdon and The Animals, Jake Shimabukuro, The Once, Hawksley Workman, and Martha Wainwright.

With creative-vision, passion, and unwavering dedication, Darcy serves a talent roster that is within the most eclectic in the industry, ranging from rock, pop, and R&B artists, to folk, blues, and jazz performers, to world music and to adult contemporary artists, and more.

About the Workshop 
National touring is quite a feat for anyone working in indie world considering that many major label artists with a full team of agents, managers, and publicists still have to kick and scratch their way onto the national touring landscape. Find out how to go from putting together sketchy four-show tours to spending multiple weeks on the road in this workshop.

About DIY Series
Now in its second season, our MusicWorks DIY Series offers developing artists and industry, as well as veterans looking to update their skills, the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of the music business. The series starts with the music business fundamentals that everyone needs to master – radio play, bio writing, mastering social media, touring, and understanding copyright -- and ends with planning a release, showing how each of these pieces fit together to create a cohesive strategy.

To register or for more info, please contact:

Roland Deschambault, Training Coordinator
Manitoba Music
P: 204.975.5188

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