International Songwriting Competition Announces Semi-Finalists

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Steve Bell

Manitoba songwriters have landed 11 spots on the International Songwriting Competition's list of semi-finalists, including nods for Matt Epp, Seanster and the Monsters' Sean Hogan, Don Amero, Steve Bell, and more. Winners will be announced at the end of April, with prizes including over $25,000 in cash, merchandise, and services.

Jaylene Johnson, Arun ChaturvedI for “You're The Reason Why”

​Matt Epp for “This Old House”

Sean Hogan (Seanster And The Monsters) for “Pat Your Head And Rub Your Tummy”
​Sean Hogan (Seanster And The Monsters) for “They Can't”

Billy Simard for “Rescue Me”
Don Amero, Kris Burgsness for “Turn These Grey Skies Blue”

​Matt Epp for “This Old House

Colin Graves (Onelife) for “My Heart Is Yours”
Steve Bell, Malcolm Guite for “Turn It Around”

Ryan Funk (Catskill) for “Zelda”

Ryan Funk (Catskill) for “Zelda”

ISC is open to amateur and professional songwriters from all over the world, including bands and solo performers. Winners are selected by a panel of high-profile recording artists and music industry executives, including big names like Sarah McLachlan, Bastille, John Hiatt, and London Grammar, plus industry big wigs like Capital/Virgin president Dan McCarroll, Columbia Records UK co-president Alison Donald, Virgin Records UK president Ted Cockle, and many more. Past winners include Gotye, Bastille, Kasey Chambers and many more. This year, the competition attracted over 18,000 entries from 120 countries. Check out the complete list of semi-finalists at

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