Welcome New Members to Manitoba Music

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Mabel's Flight

It's been a busy time for Manitoba Music's membership department. Take a moment to meet all of our new members.

À La Mode | www.manitobamusic.com/Alamode
Bowen | www.manitobamusic.com/bowen
Cole Lazaruk | www.manitobamusic.com/colelazaruk
Common Sense Hero | www.manitobamusic.com/commonsensehero
Double the Trouble | www.manitobamusic.com/doublethetrouble
Esther Koepnick | www.manitobamusic.com/estherkoepnick
Frost Gamble | www.manitobamusic.com/frostgamble
Ferro Pop | www.manitobamusic.com/ferropop
James Culleton | www.manitobamusic.com/jamesculleton
Jérémie and the Delicious Hounds | www.manitobamusic.com/jeremieandthedelicioushounds
Joey Moore | www.manitobamusic.com/joeymoore
Lord Gizbvr | www.manitobamusic.com/lordgizbvr
Mabel’s Flight | www.manitobamusic.com/mabelsflight
Mika-Dawn | www.manitobamusic.com/mikadawn
Mmars | www.manitobamusic.com/mmars
Sean Burns | www.manitobamusic.com/seanburns
Stacey James | www.manitobamusic.com/staceyjames
Taylor R3x | www.manitobamusic.com/taylorr3x
The Webster Project | www.manitobamusic.com/thewebsterproject
Well, Sister | www.manitobamusic.com/wellsister

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