Signal Boost: Manitoba Music News Roundup

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Awesome women in Manitoba's experimental music scene. - Aux

The Lytics collaborate with Mike D of the Beastie Boys. - Complex 

The Lytics have once in a lifetime opportunity. - Sidewalk Hustle

Elessar Thiessen hosts Open Mic Night at The Handsome Daughter. - Chris D

Open Mic Night returns. - Mytoba 

The evolution of the Park Theatre. - Winnipeg Free Press 

No two nights are alike at the Park Theatre. - The Manitoban 

Chic Gamine moves in a new direction with upcoming album. - Winnipeg Free Press

Chic Gamine return to recapture the hearts of Layette. - KATC 

Cannon Bros. just do what they do. - Winnipeg Free Press + FREE download

Cannon Bros.' career is a dream come true. - Direkt Broker 

Cannon Bros. keep it short and sweet. - Metro News 

Cannon Bros. are ready to launch. - The Manitoban 

Check out a sneak peek of Cannon Bros.' new album. - Exclaim! 

Prepare to have your day brightened by Fred Penner. - The Exchange Sessions 

Families get ready to sing with Fred Penner. - BC Local News 

KEN Mode play Daytonapalooza. - Examiner 

What's happenin' in Illinois? Living Hour. - River Cities' Reader

Propagandhi announces new guitarist with gusto. -  Punk News

Doc Walker raises the bar with MCMA nominations. - Portage Daily Graphic

Madame Diva featured on Quebecois children's music app. - Francois Charron

Sweet Alibi play Saskatoon. - The Star Phoenix

The Wailin' Jennys talk about the chemistry of their harmonies. - Monterey Herald News

Red Moon Road says prost to concert at German language school. - Elliot Lake Standard

Red Moon Road at Guelph University. - Guelph Tribune

Romi Mayes plays Houston. - Houston Press

Romi Mayes lined up to play "Americana Mondays." - Effinham Daily News

Indicator Indicator's "Swarm" proves topical on As It Happens. - CBC Radio

4.5/5 for Carly Dow's soulful and folksy new album. - The Manitoban

Expect gold from DJ J. Jackson and Mama Cutsworth. - The Uniter

RasTamils' new album has something for everyone. - Shaw TV

Federal Lights live on a sunny German balcony. - Reportage

A timely October playlist feating Federal Lights. - The Music Minutes

Dust off your Wörterbuch for Imaginary Cities.  - Schattenblick

Greg Rekus plays Louisville. - Leo Weekly

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