Signal Boost: Manitoba Music News Roundup

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This year's Uniter Fivers = The Middle Coast, Deep Dark Cave, Adam Hanney & Co., Ashley Bienierz, and Fox Lake. - The Uniter

The 2015 Uniter Fiver finalist: Where are they now? - The Uniter

Roger Roger finds its niche in full-time folk artistry. - Winnipeg Free Press + FREE Download

Roger Roger is a mix of folk and rock. - The Projector

Hear the legend of a reclusive trapper at Roger Roger's album release. - Metro News

Ghost Twin launches new video for “Here We Are In The Night”. - Exclaim

Teleharmonium captivates many musical palates. - Prog Critique

Times Change(d) celebrates culture, not condos. - Winnipeg Free Press

Well Sister is wistful and whimsical in new video. - Exclaim

Panicland uses social media to build its career. - The Music Express

Austin Boultin is helping people of all ages have access to live music. - The Uniter

Mama Cutsworth’s Family Dance Party is one of the top things to do this weekend. - CBC News

William Prince is a force to be reckoned with. - The Manitoban

Don Amero sings a song of reconciliation. - CBC Radio

The Small Glories releases debut album. - Confront

The Small Glories play the WECC March 5. - 730CKDM

The Knndy brings new nightlife to downtown Winnipeg. - The Manitoban

The Knndy Pub, Joe Black Coffee and Sam’s Place managers discuss relationship between musicians and venues. - The Uniter

Al Simmons plays in Guelph this weekend. - CBC News

Living Hour "breezes through the lowering clouds". - Tasty Fanzine

JD and the Sunshine Band get ready to produce second album. - Metro News

Federal Lights release tour dates and new live video. - Confront

Federal Lights produces captivating follow-up album. - The Manitoban

Fred Penner reflects on the growth of his career and his fans. - Vue Weekly

Sweet Alibi and others set to play at benefit concert for Syrian Refugees. - MyToba

Winnipeg’s youth show off rap and dance moves on West End Cultural Centre’s stage. - CBC News

Festival Du Voyageur announces programming for 47th festival. - Global News

Del Barber, The Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer along with many others to perform at Festival Du Voyageur. - CBC News

Festival Du Voyageur to host the largest music lineup in the event’s history. - CTV News

More than 140 musical acts to take part in Festival Du Voyageur. - Winnipeg Sun

Festival Du Voyageur to feature singles and karaoke night, more performers. - Metro

Festival Du Voyageur hosts impressive lineup. - Nation Talk

Festival’s Julien Desaulniers highlights this year’s entertainment. - Global News

John K. SamsonMise En SceneJess ReimerScott Nolan, DJ Co-Op honour Lake Winnipeg folk singer. - Winnipeg Free Press

Local musicians honour Interlake folk legend. - The Manitoban

Chris Messytone bring sThe Hot Blizzard to Portage this weekend. - Portage Online

Chic Gamine heads to Detroit. - Broadway World

Traverse City gets ready to host Chic Gamine. - My North

The Bros. Landreth make the “Best Backstage Stories”. - Apt. 613

The Bros. Landreth and Doc Walker set to play fundraiser in Grande Prairie. - Big Country XX

The William Glesby Centre will be burning bright over the next few weeks. - Portage Dailygraphic

The Duhks make appearance in London for first time in 12 years. - The Guardian

The Duhks play their first UK show. - Londonist

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