Signal Boost: Manitoba Music News Roundup

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Manitoba artists land JUNO nods. – Winnipeg Free Press

Check out KEN Mode’s video for “Absolutely Not”. – Lamb Goat

Meet the 2016 AMP Camp participants. – Digital Drum

Watch Federal Lights live performance of new tune “You & I” live. – 99.1 Fresh Radio

Federal Lights explores sonic and emotional territory on Coeur de Lion. – Quick Before It Melts

Federal Lights head out on a Canadian tour. – Confront Magazine

Sam Singer talks new music. – Shaw TV Winnipeg

Sam Singer explores different styles in new LP. – The Uniter

Turn your translators to "Dutch" for this Scott Nolan review. – Alt Country NL

The Perpetrators bring the heat to the Hot Blizzard Festival. – The Central Plains Herald Leader

Whip teases with a four song demo. – The Uniter

Watch Autumn Still’s new video for "The Accused". – Ride The Tempo

Stream Animal Teeth’s album Happy To See You. - Exclaim

Times Change(d) one of the top five places to be this weekend. – CBC News

The Watchmen: Life in Stereo (Live Review). – Step On Magazine

Red Moon Road gets some Calgary love. – Calgary Herald

Romi Mayes gets ready for Devil on Both Shoulders vinyl release. – The Manitoban

Getting personal with local musicians. – The Manitoban

Sierra Noble will soothe your spirits. – Portage Daily Graphic

Roger Roger couldn’t be happier. – The Gateway

The Roger Roger twins embrace their differences. – Red Deer Express

Roger Roger combines family and songwriting. – Vue Weekly

Festival Du Voyageur reveals programming for it’s 47th edition. – Nation Talk

German audiences sing along with Matt Epp. – WAZ

Emily and the Moon turns to music to get through tough times. – The Uniter

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