Signal Boost: Manitoba Music News Roundup

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Sweet Alibi on CTV Canada AM
Adam Hanney & Co.
Attica Riots
Doc Walker
Don Amero
John Norman
Liam Lewis-Sing
Manito Ahbee Festival
Mariachi Ghost
Paquin Entertainment / Paquin Artists Agency
Roger Roger
Shotgun Jimmie
Sweet Alibi
The Bros. Landreth
The Heights
William Prince
Winnipeg BBQ and Blues Festival
Winnipeg Folk Festival

The Manitoba Fresh spotlight shines on Begonia. – 99.1 Fresh Radio

Petric delivers new video for "All She Wrote". – CMT

Sweet Alibi wakes up the country. – CTV Canada AM

The Mariachi Ghost, Roger Roger, and more make DNTO’s top 10 Manitoba memories. – CBC

Roger Roger delivers magic on debut album Fairweather. – The Scene Magazine

Attica Riots heads out on the road. – Pure Grain Audio

Don Amero joins this week’s playlist. – CBC Radio

William Prince joins in the opening celebrations for Manito Ahbee. – CTV News

Manito Ahbee Festival is back for its 11th year. – Global News

Manito Ahbee Festival celebrates Indigenous arts, culture, and music. – Nation Talk

Manito Ahbee Festival starts off with the lighting of sacred fire. – CBC News

Adam Hanney documents a year in his life. – Beatroute

Joey Landreth  joins fellow Paquin artists on stage. – Paper Blog

Winnipeg Folk Festival curates Native North America workshop. – Winnipeg Free Press

Winnipeg Folk Festival and APTN join forces to celebrate The Year Of Reconciliation. – Nation Talk

Clipwing sends cymbal flying, doesn’t miss a beat. – Exclaim

Harlequin and Doc Walker help raise funds for Fort McMurray. – CBC News

John Norman is passionate about music. – Tanzgemeinschaft

The Winnipeg BBQ and Blues Festival is back. – Global News

James Ehnes returns to his Prairie roots. – Winnipeg Free Press

Shotgun Jimmie knows how to have fun. – The Coast

Doc Bailey opens a new version of Spirit Rock Inn & Café. – Winnipeg Free Press

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