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Thump The Mayor of London, Speaks Out about Fabric's Recently Announced Closure

The Guardian Berlin nightclub Berghain wins 'culturally significant' status

AUX Spotify is creating its own songs and crediting them to fake artists

REDEF Who makes your playlists? A consideration of the differences in algorithm- and human-based music recommendations.

Steregum CMJ Sure Seems To Be Over. So How Come Nobody Is Talking About It?

Pitchfork Music Is Art, OK: Why Chicago’s Absurd Nightclub Shakedown Matters

A.V. Club Why Canadian bands (sometimes) can’t make it in the States

Wired Why Dropping Music on Friday Is Pivotal (Hint: It’s Not Sales)

Crack Magazine Reconsidering punk: how women are rewriting punk’s timeline

Music Business Worldwide Universal is now making $28M every week from streaming, but downloads are down 29%

Consequence of Sound Universal to ban streaming exclusives after being spurned by Frank Ocean

Quartz Why Japan has more old-fashioned music stores than anywhere else in the world

AUX Illinois Amusement Tax could kill Chicago's music scene

CBC Concert-goers wearing imitation war paint offensive, poet laureate says

Music Business Worldwide Apple Music exclusives: and insider's view


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