Farewell Ruben Ramalheiro

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Ruben Ramalheiro

Some bittersweet news… Ruben Ramalheiro will be leaving Manitoba Music at the end of this month to take on an exciting new role at True North Sports and Entertainment.

Ruben joined our team in 2010 to help coordinate our market access and export development activities. Over the years, he has helped many artists and music companies develop their business in new parts of the globe through our Market Access Program, handled production and logistics and liaised with countless artists for our showcases and other performances, made the live music at Canada Day at The Forks happen, helmed our youth mentorship program, and more.

Ruben has been a calm voice in the resource centre offering our members guidance on everything from event promotion to funding to touring and beyond. His deep understanding of the music industry and the challenges and opportunities our community faces has helped our members reach higher and get further in their careers.

Ruben has been an important member of our team and his dedication, humour, perspective, thoughtfulness, and air drumming will be greatly missed.

We wish Ruben the very best in his new position and we look forward to seeing all the great work he’s going to do. Muitas felicidades!

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