Meet the MusicWorks Panelists: Adam Fuhr, Jared Falk, and Teghan Beaudette

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From left: Adam Fuhr, Jared Falk, Teghan Beaudette

Coming up on Wednesday, November 9, Yes We Mystic's Adam Fuhr, Killbeat Music's Jared Falk, and CBC Manitoba's Teghan Beaudette will be joining us for our DIY Series workshop, Publicity from Three Perspectives. Get to know them a little better through this short Q+A…

Teghan Beaudette is an award-winning journalist with CBC. She's spent the last seven years reporting in Ottawa, Halifax, and Winnipeg -- including for CTV and the Winnipeg Free Press. For the past five years, she's been with CBC Manitoba and is currently a videojournalist and anchor there. She has done extensive reporting on underrepresented communities, specifically, people with disabilities, and the LGBT community. Teghan is also known for her arts and culture reporting in Winnipeg, in particular for a weekly entertainment column that has now been running for several years.

Adam Fuhr is the lead singer and primary songwriter in Yes We Mystic. The band formed in 2011, releasing two successful EPs in the following years before their acclaimed debut Forgiver, which came out this April in Canada and Germany. The band is known for exhibiting a "fearless creative energy" (Exclaim!), with their album Forgiver being hailed as "immersive and consuming" (Calgary Herald) as well as a "force to be reckoned with" (IX Daily).

Jared Falk is the national publicity manager for Killbeat Music, a Canadian music publicity company that has worked to gain national attention for more than 400 album releases and tours. You're likely to find a Killbeat artist featured in magazines and newspapers across the country, charting on the R220, R330, and !earshot, nominated for a JUNO Award, or on the short list of the Polaris Music Prize. Falk has a background in advertising and has previously worked as a music photographer and radio producer.

How did you get into this crazy business anyhow?

Adam: I asked my mom and dad if I could play violin when I was four, they said to try piano. I took lessons for 10 years and joined a band in high school. When that band broke up in a typically dramatic high school fashion, Keegan and I started Yes We Mystic. The rest, as they say...

Jared: Love of music and media I guess? Or, the right time and the right place? Or, it's who you know? Maybe all three? It's probably because I was always that guy who was like "you should listen this band..." and now I just get paid to do that.

Teghan: I started doing movie reviews for The Manitoban when I was doing my undergrad. It was around the time I was studying for the LSAT, and when I got a job at the paper I tossed my LSAT prep books and started applying to journalism schools.

What’s your favourite flavour of potato chip?

Adam: I try my very hardest to not eat chips, it is one of the only things I do in pursuit of 'health'. If I were to break from this, it would probably be for regular Doritos.

Jared: Classic Caesar and (almost) anything 'meat' flavoured.

Teghan: Honestly, Miss Vickie's Balsamic Vinegar and Sweet Onion but that sounds so high maintenance my lie answer is "plain".

What’s the last album you listened to in its entirety?

Adam: I listen to albums in their entirety every day! Yesterday I listened to Feist's Metals.

Jared: Leonard Cohen - You Want It Darker.

Teghan: Matthew Good Band - Beautiful Midnight

Robots or dinosaurs?

Adam: Dinosaurs are the past, robots are the future. But if it's like a battle right here, now, in 2016, it's like what? A pile of bones vs. a roomba vacuum cleaner? Not a very exciting fight either way.

Jared: Robots. It's pretty unlikely that dinosaurs will be our overlords someday. Robots on the other hand... I say we start making friends with 'em now.

Teghan: Robots.

Jared and Teghan – any musical skills we should know about? Adam, any surprising non-musical skills?

Adam: I have an immersive knowledge of President Lyndon Johnson from his birth up to 1964, the year in which he is elected President.

Jared: I play the drums. Or I used to. But I kinda still do...?

Teghan: Zero music skills. I'm even bad at dancing.

Last TV series that you binge watched (maybe even faked being sick so you could cram in a few more episodes)…

Adam: I'm not much of a binge watcher. But I do like television! My uncle and I have been getting together to watch The West Wing every week for like five years, and we're just coming to the end of that now.

Jared: Mr. Robot. Currently in season 2... don't spoil it for me.

Teghan: Black Mirror.

First concert you attended…

Adam: My first concert was the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra playing Tchaikovsky when I was four. My first 'rock' show was Blue Rodeo with my mom when I was 10 or something. I liked the Tchaikovsky a bit more than the Blue Rodeo.

Jared: Guarantee it was a hardcore show in some run down community centre. Who it was that actually played, that I'm not able to remember. All I know is that was sweaty, smelly, there was a lot of two kicker, everything was in drop C, and that 13-yearold me thought it was awesome.

Teghan: I think the first one I bought tickets/went to was The Weakerthans at the multi-purpose room at the U of M a few years before I was a student there. I don't think I had even heard their music at that point. (The Hold Steady at the WECC might have been before this, but I can't fully remember tbh.)


If you are planning on having a long term career in the industry, media people need to hear your music. This discussion will look at publicity through the lens of the artist, the publicist, and the media, offering a solid understanding of how these pieces come together to help create buzz through media coverage.

MusicWorks DIY Series offers developing artists and industry, as well as veterans looking to update their skills, the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of the music business.

Register online, or to get more info, please contact:

David Landreth, Professional Development Coordinator
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