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CIMA Canadian musicians prepare for higher US visa processing fee

Observer When foreign artists can’t afford a US travel visa, we all lose

Resident Advisor US raises touring artist visa fees by 42%

Noisey Biggest ever study of its kind shows 71% of musicians experience anxiety and panic attacks

Consequence of Sound Musicians are three times more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety, study finds

Billboard Is the record business really back? How streaming is (and isn't) turning a profit

Music Business Worldwide US music biz urges government to back EU proposals to squeeze YouTube ‘value gap'

Discogs Injection Moulded Records – Vinyl Of The Future?

Resident Advisor The future of vinyl?

Music X Tech X Future What if Spotify turned Daily Mix into a standalone product?

Pitchfork CMJ owner Adam Klein’s professional past raises questions over music marathon’s future

Esquire Zane Lowe explains why 2016 was the best year ever for music

Noisey Sexism, deceit, and power: the corrupt mechanics behind modern pop music

Digital Music News How many streams does it take to earn $1? 

Motherboard A new internet tax in Canada would keep Indigenous people fffline

Billboard PBS 'Soundbreaking' lovingly wetails the art of record making in 8-part series

i-D Goodbye Boiler Room chat, we won't really miss you

Pitchork Signal to Noise: One wild week with Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon in Berlin

The New York Times Listening clubs tantalize audiophiles in London

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