DIY Roundup: Music Business Tips from the Web

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Hypebot How I Reduced My Stage Setup Time by Half 

Indie on the Move 4 Common Traits of a Wildly Successful Artist

Pro Audio Files Where Do I Put the Measurement Microphone? 

Sonicbids 3 Ways to Tell if a Music Company Is Scamming You 

Hypebot 5 Tips to Help DJs Play Your Music 

Sonicbids 4 Questions Every Musician Should Be Ready to Answer At All Times 

Music Think Tank Optimizing Your Band Website For SEO 

Hypebot Why the Rebirth of Liner Notes Matters for Music 

Sonicbids How to Turn Your Back Catalog of Songs Into Tons of YouTube Videos

Flypaper/Soundfly Social Media Content Planning for Musicians 

Sonicbids Why Science Says It's Okay to Give Up on Your Music Career Goals 

Sonicscoop How to Build Cost Effective Bass Traps

Hypebot RIP Vine: A Guide To Using YouTube & Instagram To Promote Your Events 

Sonicbids How to Conquer Your Self-Promotion Phobia

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