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From left: Sean McManus, JP Hoe, Minister Rochelle Squires (Photo: Laurie Brand)
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Manitoba Music's Sean McManus (Photo: Laurie Brand)
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Minister Rochelle Squires (Photo: Laurie Brand)

Manitoba Music’s New Report Points to Significant Impact on Provincial Economy and Identity

Manitoba has a long history of a thriving music sector known for producing outstanding music. A new report reveals the numbers behind Manitoba’s music industry, confirming that it creates jobs, generates revenue, and contributes to the provincial economy. Released by Manitoba Music, the analysis of the music industry’s economic impact proves that music matters in Manitoba.

The Manitoba music industry has seen a 31% increase in GDP impact since 2011, thanks to the hardworking artists and companies who foster this flourishing industry.

SoundCheck: An Economic Impact Analysis of Manitoba’s Music Industry details the economic significance of this sector to Manitoba. In 2015, it produced over $93 million in GDP, generated over $32 million in tax revenues for government, and supported over 4,300 jobs.

The report also points to a notable shift in financial activity from companies to artist entrepreneurs, where artists are operating increasingly as micro-enterprises, responsible for financing their own projects and hiring the businesses in the supply chain that support their activities.

“This report demonstrates the significant growth and economic impact our industry has on Manitoba,” says Manitoba Music’s executive director, Sean McManus. “Music is an integral part of our provincial identity, and this report shows that it is integral to our economy as well. Our vibrant music sector is driven by innovative and hardworking artist entrepreneurs and small businesses, and is a major contributor to the creative economy in our province.”

“Manitoba’s music industry is a significant contributor to the economy and anchors our arts and cultural community,” said Sport, Culture and Heritage Minister Rochelle Squires. “The Manitoba government is proud to support Manitoba Music, its cultural export initiatives and the significant work it does for its members.”

Manitoba Music partnered with international consulting firm Nordicity to measure and analyse our industry’s successes, offer insight into the challenges and opportunities faced by the evolving music industry, and outline the strategies needed to meet the future.

Key Highlights

The total economic impact of the Manitoba music industry was the creation of 4,374 FTE jobs, $55.1 million in labour income and $93.8 million in GDP. Total GDP grew by 31% from $71.4 million since 2011.

The total fiscal impact of the Manitoba music industry was $32.2 million generated in tax revenues, an increase of 22% from 2011.

The music industry in Manitoba generated $4.12 for every $1 invested by the provincial government.

The Manitoba music industry generated $112.3 million in total revenues in 2015, increasing 21% from $93.2 million in 2011.

The Manitoba music industry has grown in the face of an increasingly competitive environment that has seen major investments in the sector such as the $15m per year Ontario Music Fund, and the $15m BC Music Fund.

With 11% of respondents identifying as Aboriginal and 19% as speaking French as their first language, the report points to a healthy representation of both groups in the sector.

The music industry is an important contributor to the social prosperity of Manitoba by providing a unique cultural richness and intrinsic value, enhancing the quality of life, fostering social cohesion, attracting and retaining a skilled workforce, developing a strong identity and brand, contributing to the health and wellbeing of residents, and contributing to other provincial sectors

SoundCheck confirms the importance of trade and export activities for Manitoba’s industry, and the imperative to build a presence in national and international markets. It reflects an industry that is rising to meet the challenges of a complex global digital marketplace, and points to an active and healthy live sector, which accounts for approximately 50% of the industry’s revenue.

“SoundCheck clearly reflects the importance and impact of the health of Manitoba’s live sector and of exporting Manitoba music to global markets, which are fundamental to the continued growth of our industry,” says McManus.

SoundCheck: An Economic Impact Analysis of Manitoba’s Music Industry is available at

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