DIY Roundup: Music Business Tips from the Web

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Hypebot How Artists Get Their Music Played on Sirius XM 

Sonicbids 6 Ways to Make Music and Money Without Being a Performer 

Hypebot 7 Instagram/Snapchat Stories Rules for Musicians 

Flypaper/Soundfly Which Crowdfunding Platform is Right for Your Next Music Project 

Hypebot Customize Your Videos with YouTube End Screens 

Music Think Tank 7 Ways to Find a Manager 

Hypebot How to Use Social Media to Promote Live Shows 

Sonic Scoop Best Ways to Mic a Guitar Amp 

Hypebot Trademark Basics for Musicians 

Flypaper/Soundfly A Guide to Best Practices for Seamless Audio Collaboration in your Daw 

Hypebot What to Expect When You Hire a Music Publicist 

Pro Audio Files 20 Most Popular Mixing Tutorials of 2016 

Hypebot 12 Questions to Ask Before You Make That Post 

Sonicbids 3 Cool GIF Flyers to Inspire You (and How to Make Your Own) 

Flypaper/Soundfly Intro to Electronic Drumming: Adding a Drum Pad into Your Performance Setup 

Hypebot 4 Best Practices for Strengthening Your Spotify Profile 

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