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Winnipeg Free Press Province to study Manitoba's cultural sector

The Verge This new digital music store could change the way we pay artists

Music X Tech X Future Music for the Snapchat generation: conceptualizing music stories

Noisey How Trump’s new border policies will hurt the American metal scene

David Emery Online Music stories

Vice YouTube’s restricted system is hiding LBGTQ videos

Noisey Why is Black music still rarely classified as mainstream pop?

FYI Music News It's sundown for HMV as Sunrise expands

Music Business Worldwide Spotify to sign new licensing deals with major labels ‘within weeks’?

Noisey We need to stop treating mental health like a selling point

Music Week Why the charts can't go back to the pre-streaming era

Noisey Why do we look down on pop stars who don't write their own songs?

The Violin Channel Musicians’ Union publish new airline cabin policy rating system 

Gizmodo Streaming music services, from most screwed to least screwed

Winnipeg Free Press Work of art: Converting Exchange District building into space for creativity was bold move

Vancouver Courier Custom made: Vancouver has more female luthiers than anywhere else in Canada 

NPR The most expensive record never sold

Winnipeg Metro New app aims to get Winnipeggers exploring the city like tourists

Consequence of Sound It’s official: drummers are smarter than you (and everybody else)

The Beaverton Fred Penner reinvents his music by joining death metal band

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