DIY Roundup: Music Business Tips from the Web

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Hypebot How To Get Music On Spotify’s Playlists

The Pro Audio Files 5 Tips for Improving Your In The Box Masters

Music Think Tank Seven Steps Musicians Take In The Wrong Order – Why Many Music Careers Fail

Hypebot Facebook Video Profiles For Musicians Plus Instant Social Videos

Sonicbids 6 Ways to Gently Nudge Fans About Buying Tickets to an Upcoming Show 

Hypebot 5 Reasons Teaming Up With Another Band Can Provide A Mutual Tour Boost

Music Think Tank Eight Things Every Musician Website Must Have

Hypebot 8 Free Social Media Tools You Should Start Using Now

Music Think Tank Legal Basics For The Diy World: Artists, Authors, Creators And Musicians

Hypebot TuneCore Now Offers Musicians and Indie Labels Fast, Low Cost Royalty Advances

DIY Roundup DIY Series MusicWorks Professional Development Career Tips Spotify Mastering Facebook Video Websites Social Media legal Basics Advances

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