Islendingadagurinn Celebrates Music and Icelandic Culture in Gimli, Aug 4-7

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Lindy Vopnfjörð
Nation of Two
Stefanie Blondal Johnson (centre - with Mise en Scene)
The Hard Maybes
Bright Righteous
Leaf Rapids
Mitchell James
Slow Spirit
The Middle Coast
The Secret Beach

Soaking up live music in the great outdoors is a summer tradition in Manitoba. On this August long weekend, Gimli is the place to do just that. 

Islendingadagurinn, or the Icelandic Festival of Manitoba, is set to invade the lakeside town for the 128th annual celebration of Icelandic culture and heritage. With it comes three days of live local music, featuring performances from over a dozen homegrown acts hitting the free stages. 

Running August 4 through 7, the event -- the second oldest continuous ethnic festival in North America -- also offers food, crafts, games, competitions, sport, and even a Viking village.  

This year's local lineup is a diverse bunch, including soul pop outfit Lanikai, electronic pop act VIKINGS, yacht rockers The Middle Coast, Mise en Scene's Stefanie Blondal Johnson, garage rock trio Mulligrub, indie duo The Young Pixels, synth rock band Bright Righteous, indie folk rocker Micah Erenberg, roots act Leaf Rapids, singer/songwriter Mitchell Schimnowski, and more. 

Check out the schedule of live music on the free stages below (keep it handy for the weekend with a free download of our MB Live concert-finding app) and check out the festival's website for a complete listing of festivities.  

AUG 4 | Sigur Rök @ Gimli Harbour Stage

6PM Stefanie Blondal Johnson
8PM The Hard Maybes
9PM The Young Pixels
10PM Mulligrub

AUG 5 | Saturday Nite at the Pier 2 @ Gimli Harbour Stage

6:30PM Eon Longson
7:30PM Slow Spirit
8:30PM The Middle Coast
9:30PM Bright Righteous
11:00PM Vikings

AUG 6 | Alternative Folk Festival @ Gimli Park, Main Stage

6PM Mitchell Schimnowski
7PM Nation of Two
8PM Leaf Rapids
9PM Lindy Vopnfjörð
10PM Micah Erenberg Band
11PM Lanikai

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