Transmission: What We've Been Reading

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NOW Vice shuts down electronic music news site Thump amid global layoffs

Bandcamp Daily This Friday, stand with Bandcamp in support of Trans rights

FYI Music News SOCAN Foundation reaches out in two new programs

Noisey Punk's ethos of inclusivity leaves out one major group

ITV Accessible About Venue Accessibility: Is this venue accessible? Why is this needed?

Pacific Standard Is rock 'n' roll suffering a public-health crisis?

Vulture Passion Pit’s Michael Angelakos clarifies mental-health hiatus rumors, says the music industry nearly killed him

Noisey Where do you turn when the music industry skews your mental health?

Motherboard Why Spotify lowered the volume of songs and ended hegemonic loudness

Music Business Worldwide Facebook takes another big step towards the music biz with Source3 buyout

Buzzfeed The inside story of SoundCloud's collapse

Recode Apple is retiring the iPod nano, a tiny gadget that made a huge impact

i-D The MTV VMAs are getting rid of gendered categories

The Industry Observer Is the vinyl party coming to an end?

Music Business Worldwide ‘There are 365m people in China willing to pay for entertainment. The music market is about to explode.’

CBC How Evolve fans took on the festival's drug problem

The Globe and Mail Polyphonic Ground launches mission to make Toronto a ‘global music city’

Buzzfeed Which new wave band are you?

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