Transmission: Music Business Headlines

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Forbes Behind the numbers: the controversy around music stream calculations

CBC Bell Media axes MuchFact, leaving a gap in how Canadian music videos get funded

Unison Benevolent Fund When we burn out

CAPACOA Copyright Board renders positive decision on Neighbouring Rights for live events

CBC Hip hop goes to school in Saskatoon, exploring connections with Indigenous culture

9 to 5 Mac RIAA report shows music industry continue to rebound thanks to streaming services like Apple Music

CBC 'Radical and overreaching': Bell wants Canadians blocked from piracy websites

Music Business Worldwide Independent music companies are being sucked into the major label ecosystem. Are they getting a good deal?

FYI Music News What you need to know about Canada's new cultural roadmap

FYI Music News Joly's folly with Netflix

The New York Times Restoring those old liner notes in music’s digital era

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