Transmission: Music Business Headlines

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FACTOR Healthy touring for musicians

Complex Grammys' 2018 Album of the Year nominations are white dude-free

USA Today The 2018 Grammy nominations deservedly celebrate artists of color

Los Angeles Times Grammy Awards 2018: How the Recording Academy has evolved toward relevance

Vice How America rolling back net neutrality will affect the rest of the world

Motherboard Justin Trudeau is ‘very concerned’ with FCC’s plan to roll back net neutrality

Digital Music News Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Pandora could face billions in ‘fast lane’ surcharges

CBC Hamilton music community hosts overdose training as opioid crisis grips city

Billboard Billboard Women in Music 2017: honorees stress the importance of female empowerment

Billboard Women in music 2017: the most powerful executives in the industry

Vice Another dark day for Canadian media: part 3,476

Digital Music News Forget SoundCloud, & YouTube: Spotlite is the next talent incubator

The Root LL Cool J becomes first rapper to receive Kennedy Center Honors Award

Theatre Life Pregnancy in live entertainment

CAPACOA Attendance trends: why won’t they come?

Digital Music News A surprisingly large number of people want to ban phones at concerts

FYI Music News Re:Sound releases 2016 annual report

Noisey The end of the Triple Rock Social Club, Minneapolis' most important punk bar

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