Transmission: Music Business Headlines

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Dazed Kesha Lee: the genius behind all of your fave Atlanta rap

Motherboard The FCC just killed net neutrality—now what?

The New York Times F.C.C. repeals net neutrality rules

Canadaland Inside Bell’s push to end net neutrality In Canada

Billboard Why the #MeToo movement could have chilling effect for women in music industry

NPR Australian Women In Music publish #MeNoMore open letter

The Star Arts, culture hubs to get property tax relief

The FADER Go behind the scenes of Björk’s Utopia with the women who engineered it

ICI Saskatchewan Le sort des artistes francophones hors Québec : l’industrie sonne l’alarme

New Music USA This is why your audience building fails

The Baffler The problem with muzak

Western Investor Winnipeg's iconic music venue The Albert faces auction

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