Meet the MusicWorks Panelists: MEME 2018 Producer Workshops

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We're teaming up with MEME for this year's producer workshops on August 18. The event offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in a full day of all aspects of electronic music production. Experience presentations, industry panels, and hands-on demonstrations from producers who will be performing at the festival. The workshops offer something for producers at all skill levels. Get to know the panelists a little better...

For the past 20 years house music artist Esette (Isis Graham) has played an instrumental role in shaping Calgary’s dance music landscape into the internationally recognized hotspot that it is today. Her 30-plus releases have received support from artists like Maceo  Plex,Fred Everything,Giom, Luke McKeehan, Animal Trainer, Vanilla Ace, Seth Troxler, Jamie Jones, DJ Heather, DOZA, and Pezzner. As a DJ she’s been invited to play notable festivals like Bass Coast, WMC, Decibel, and ADE. These  accolades, combined with her work as co-owner of Calgary-based Substation Recordings, have made Esette a name synonymous with cultural growth, a force constantly driving artists around her to pus  forward.

Dunmore Park
Dunmore Park(Andrew Williams) is the culmination of a life spent absorbing and collecting music from all over the world. As a relative newcomer to the global dance music community, his sound is characterized by the pulsing of tribal drums, sentimental synth melodies, live instrumentation, and clever sample usage. The songs are nostalgic collages of sound, taking old world melodies and mingling them with modern house and downtempo music. As a diverse producer, his songs run the gamut between peak-time house to emotive electronica, while always keeping a signature sound throughout.

Hailing from Calgary,  this techno powerhouse has an insatiable work ethic and thirst for Ableton production knowledge, which is showing no signs of slowing down. In 2017, Kloves was selected to be one of 10 artists given the opportunity to attend Richie Hawtin’s Master class, later performing direct open duties for Hawtin himself at the HiFi Club. Next on the docket, Kloves took on San Francisco, opening up for Marcel Dettmann, Richie Hawtin, and Hito at the Midway SF. When they are not teaching music production, producing their own tracks and touring, they take the time to give back to their community by specifically scouting out Woman Identifying/Queer talent to join the roster on their record label OBSKUR MUSIC, co-founded with Nomad Black.

Nathan Jonson
Following a decade of producing and DJing as Hrdvsion, Nathan Jonson steps out under his birth name to mark a new stage in his career. When you have explored as many styles as Hrdvsion did - everything from beatless, ambient tracks to rugged club cuts or pop bootlegs - there isn’t so much new ground to break. The switch of alias isn’t about doing something different but about clearing the palette and some preconceptions of his music, about channelling his accrued influences and knowledge into something fresh and coherent.

Noah Pred
Coaxing nuanced expression from analog machines and digital possibilities alike, Noah Pred has been envisioning the future through electronic music for over twenty years—yet the story of this accomplished producer and DJ continues to unfold. Reinterpreting his signature production style anew, 2018 sees the release of two full-lengths that chart the territories between deep space experimentalism, intricate polyrhythms, delicate soundscapes, evocative acid, and hypnotic dub elements. Between his recent solo EPs for Traumraum, Compute, and Biotop, his vivid sets of techno, house, and electro, the advanced sound design of his haunting atmospherics, and the ever-evolving scope of his technical capabilities, Pred's commitment to electronic innovation remains as strong as ever—and in the face of global uncertainty, his utopian sonic narratives have never felt so vital.

Phil Western
Phil Western is a Vancouver-based musician who is a founding member of the bands Download, PlatEAU, Frozen Rabbit, and Off And Gone. Since 2001, Western has been the operator behind The Record Company, which has been the imprint for several releases under his own name, as well as a reissue of the Floatpoint CD Beam Error.

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