PASSPORT: Music Export Summit Launches 2nd Year of Industry Masterclasses

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Manitoba Music, Music Nova Scotia, and Canada’s Music Incubator, Team up for International Music Export Sessions in Winnipeg and Halifax in February

The Canadian music industry got something new for its export market toolbox last year with the launch of PASSPORT: Music Export Summit, an intensive training program geared at career expansion for artists and managers. This month, PASSPORT launches a new round of sessions in Winnipeg and Halifax, offering a diverse group of music companies real-world knowledge in navigating new export markets to foster success in the global music industry.

Produced by Manitoba Music in partnership with Music Nova Scotia, and Canada’s Music Incubator, PASSPORT delivers intensive training sessions to prepare export-ready Canadian artists and music entrepreneurs with business skills and product development to help bring Canadian music to the world. The project is funded by FACTOR with support from the Government of Canada.

This year’s PASSPORT participants are artist managers and export-ready, self-managed artists from across the country working in just about every genre, all preparing for significant market development and export activities. The participants were selected from over 120 submissions based on their export marketing preparations, including participation in events like SXSW and Folk Alliance International in the US, The Great Escape in the UK, Reeperbahn Festival in Germany, and beyond. PASSPORT offers an opportunity to learn from experienced professionals with extensive knowledge and success in preparing artists for international export, and also from their peers. See below, and visit for a list of participants.

PASSPORT will run a parallel summit for artist managers taking place in Winnipeg, and for self-managed artists taking place in Halifax the following week, providing participants with market information and skills development on topics including export strategies and marketing global releases.

“The music industry is a global business and to stay competitive, music companies and artists have to develop their professional skills,” says Sean McManus, Manitoba Music’s executive director. “The first round of PASSPORT participants have continued their paths, reaching new markets and building critical new business relationships. PASSPORT’s focus continues to be helping those entrepreneurs navigate export markets in order to expand their businesses and increase international trade.”

“Based on the artists and managers invited to PASSPORT, we have built programs to address their immediate export needs and priorities,” says Vel Omazic, co-founder and executive director, Canada’s Music Incubator. “There will be focus on market intelligence; international team building, touring and marketing; export insights from domestic industry experts; and as much one-on-one mentorship as time will allow.”

Alex Vissia, VISSIA
Alex Wyder, High Tide Artists
Amy Nelson
Micah Erenberg
Andrea Davis, Mighty Cypress Talent Inc.
Dana Beeler, Hello Delaware
Don Levandier, The Motorleague
Jesse Northey, Dandelion Music Group
Jessica Marsh, JAM Music Mgmt
Josh Sahunta
Katrina Lopes, KL MANAGEMENT
Ken Simms, ThinkTank Music Network
Kyle Cunjak, Forward Music Group
Miesha Louie, Miesha & The Spanks
Nigel Jenkins, Laughing Heart Music
Sarah Porter, Porter Music Management
Savannah Wellman, Tiny Kingdom Music
Sergio Elmir, Futuro Libre
Shea Malcolmson
Stephen Cameron, The Broken Islands
Zachari Smith, Acre Alley

Andreas Kalogiannides, Kalogiannides Law
Christian Goebel, Motor Entertainment
Craig Horton, Rights Consultant
Donna Branston, DMCL Accounting
Eric Lawrence, Coalition Music
Fabrice Martin, LA Mission
Goc O’Callaghan, ArcTanGent
Heiko Wessels, Greywood Records
James Barker, Mystic Sons
Jay Parsons, USS
Jeff Marshall, Global Motion
Jonathan Li, Prosody Digital
Katharina Lange, Factory 92
Marni Wandner, The Syndicate
Rev. Moose, Maurader
Rob Lanni, Coalition Music
Vel Omazic, CMI
Vivien Mierzkalla, Secretly Canadian

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