Transmission: Music Business Headlines

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She Shreds Touring Parents Balance A Career, Negotiate Environments And Rely on Community

Complex How Music Discovery Works Today, and What Artists Can Do To Stand Out

Please Kill Me Rock & Roll: Is Making It a thing anymore?

Digital Music News Canada Has a Solution for Growing Local Talent: Make Streaming Services Pay for It

Tennessean Battle for music licensing oversight centers on unclaimed royalties

Complete Music Update Sony Music to boost royalty reporting and speed up payments

Billboard Ross Golan: With Music Modernization Act Passed, Here's What Songwriters Should Do Next (Op-Ed)

Complete Music Update Record industry welcomes proposed reforms to Canadian copyright law

ICI Radio Le marché de la musique du Québec ouvert à la diversité francophone du pays

BBC Focus Wales festival fears for small venues in Wales

Digital Music News ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company, plans to launch a free music streaming app

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