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CBC Energetic crowd for Indian superstar shows Winnipeg becoming a destination for South Asian talent: promoters

Vancouver Vancouver amplifies support for arts and culture through new 10-year plan

Pink News Tegan and Sara: ‘Being gay in the music industry was tough and lonely’

Spotify Co.Lab Why Keeping It Real Will Always Win

Canadian Musician Music Is Facing a Mental Health Crisis

OneZero Instagram Puts Brands Ahead of People With New Scheduling Feature

Attack Magazine Make Your Music Make Money: Understanding Royalties

Billboard Mechanical Licensing Collective Requests Over $37 Million for 2021 Launch

Music Think Tank Is Playlist Streaming Hurting The Artist?

Spotify Co.Lab Finding Your Place Through Sync Placement – Videos – Spotify for Artists

The Ringer This Music Video Has Been Modified From Its Original Version (and Now It’s Vertical) What Happens When DJs Don’t “Own” Their Record Collections Anymore?

DJ Mag How producers can get paid through streaming services

Digital Music News Amazon Music Introduces Lossless, High-Definition Streaming — Spotify Says It’s Not What People Want

Appinventiv Spotify Statistics 2019 – 2020: What’s the Future of the Media Streaming App By Numbers

Spotify Co.Lab Converting Audience Data into Business Deals

BETNetworks What Does A Label A&R Really Do In The Music Industry? Ep. 1 | Armchair A&R

Billboard Lonely Road: Indie Promoters Fight to Survive Amid Rising Talent Costs, Heated Competition With Majors

The Future of What The Future of Artist Management

Variety Guild of Music Supervisors President: ‘The Economics of the Job Don’t Work Anymore’

Spotify Co.Lab What You Should Know Before Touring – Videos – Spotify for Artists

Metro Mixed Up: ‘If white people love hip hop, why the hell can’t we love rock music?’

Esquire The Highwomen Are Launching a Country Music Revolution

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