Transmission: Music Business Headlines

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MusicTech Will the future of sample clearance be as easy as tagging friends on Facebook?

Forbes Why The Music Industry Is Banking On The Growth Of VR Concerts

CBC Juno Awards rejig Indigenous category to focus on artists instead of albums

Medium Can an Industry Music Prize be a Thing of Protest?

CBC Toronto will host the 2021 Juno Awards 

The Globe and Mail Creative theft, poor payouts from streaming services chipping away at artistic middle class

Rolling Stone Is Streaming Music Dangerous to the Environment? One Researcher Is Sounding the Alarm

PitchFork Is There a Fairer Way for Streaming Services to Pay Artists?

CBC Billie Eilish to make upcoming world tour 'as green as possible'

Rolling Stone Spotify Pivots on Global Cultures Initiative, Alarming Music Industry

Music Canada IFPI releases ‘Music Listening 2019’ report, providing a comprehensive look at rising music engagement in Canada and around the globe

Billboard One Year After Music Modernization Act, Rep. Nadler Predicts the Music Industry's Next Battles

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